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Why Use our Service?

The Chicago apartment market can be overwhelming with an inventory of apartments, landlords, and management companies. Letting your student go at it alone can be confusing, intimidating, and potentially dangerous, all while consuming untold amounts of time. Using our service allows your student to work with an expert who will guide them through the process by driving them to see apartments, helping them understand the trade offs between units, and walking them through all the paper work and keeping constant communication with the landlord to ensure everything works smoothly. Besides all that, its a free service; the landlord pays our bill.

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How it Works

Once you and your student have decided that they are ready to find an apartment, they should call us. During this call we will discover what is important to them in an apartment. We will ask questions like, “What are the 3 most important things you are looking for in an apartment?” and “What are your reasons for moving?” After we have a solid understanding of what they are looking for we will schedule an appointment to pick them up and view every unit that matches their criteria. When they have found an apartment to their liking, we will take care of all of the paperwork between the landlord and your student.

Apartments vs Dorms

Dorms present a great opportunity for first year students to meet other students and future friends throughout the school year. After a year of cafeteria food and sharing a 15X15 room with at least one other and a bathroom with four, many students have a validated itch for independent living. While it might be surprising, living off campus is a far better value and even less expensive when compared to student housing. Check out the benefits below.

DePaul Student Housing Vs. Independent Apartment Living

Academic Year* 12 Months Monthly w/ Meal Plan Yearly Savings***
Lincoln Park**
Double (lowest option) $6,003.00 $7,797.49 $649.79 $8,747.49
Super Single (highest option) $10,068.00 $13,077.65 $1,089.80 $14,027.65
University Center of Chicago**
Semi-Suite (lowest option) $7,836.00 $10,178.43 $848.20 $11,128.43
Private Room Suite (highest option) $12,144.00 $15,774.23 $1,314.52 $16,724.23
Lincoln Park/Lakeview Apartment Rates**
2 Bed Apartment ($1,400**) n/a $9,726.00 $810.50 $10,676.00 $2,059.86
3 Bed Apartment ($2,100**) n/a $9,284.00 $773.67 $10,234.00 $2,501.86
4 Bed Apartment ($2,800**) n/a $9,063.00 $755.25 $10,013.00 $2,722.86
  • 4 people live together & save 31% a year!
  • Split your utilities in half by living with a roommate!
  • Stop being forced to pay for cafeteria food!

Not only will your student pay less for your his or her apartment, but they will finally get a room to call your own, a kitchen, living room, hopefully a dining room, and many of the other common amenities potentially offered like free utilities, in unit laundry, patio/deck/terrace/roof top, back yard, parking, and the ability to have pets. You can also see substantial savings of over $2,500 realized by living with more people. After these comparisons, do you still feel like paying more for a 15×15 room?

* 9 Months, 8 Days
**Cable, high speed internet, electricity, gas included
***Amount determined by using the average between the lowest and highest student housing offerings

Cable, high speed internet, electricity, gas – June 2009 – $221/month.